Artwork Guidelines

The Creative Push is an oral history archive and visual repository of artwork about childbirth. It is a collaborative platform for sharing and accessing all types of birth experiences without judgment. Creative Push pairs women’s birth narratives with visual translations of those stories in the form of art. The stories and the artwork converge on to enable meaningful dialogue about the universal experience of being born.

The Creative Push is looking for artists to participate in this process by making work in response to a birth story. We are not looking for literal illustrations of the birth process, but rather an artist’s interpretation of the mother’s emotional, physical and/or psychological experience of birth. Some artists may also be the storytellers by recording their narratives as well as making the art about their birth experience. All stories and corresponding artworks will be included on the website with possible inclusion in future exhibitions and publications.

We will review artwork created in any medium, including video art. There are no limitations on scale or medium, and your current work does NOT need to be about birth. Reviews will primarily be considered via the artist’s website or online platform. If you do not have a website please notate that in the content of the message. You may submit a portfolio of sample work up to 10 images through email. Your images must be 3000 pixels on the long side and saved as highest-quality .jpg files. Please do not up-sample. Video art must be formatted as 1080p HD .mp4 files.